Jun 14

"Om Party" is a revolutionary conscious music event for young people. Experience an electrifying evening of live music, sitar jam, exotic drumming, meditation, henna and vegan meal.

This event is not just to entertain you. It is to inspire, rejuvenate and empower you with positivity, happiness and peace of mind. You will leave feeling much better, more connected, more engaged and better equipped to face challenges in life.

The next party is this Saturday:

May 21

Colours Festival at Krishna Eco Farm

May 6

From Yoga and Mantra Day Retreat. Kirtan Scotland - Nitai Gouranga.

May 6

From Yoga and Mantra day retreat.

Apr 28

Kirtan London

Apr 25

Ever said you’d like to go on yoga retreat, but can’t fit it into your schedule? Here’s your chance…
Whether you are taking your first steps to a healthier lifestyle or a keen yogi interested in a deeper experience there is everything to gain. Are you ready to make a positive change in ONE DAY? Pranayama, Vinyasa Asana, Restorative Asana, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Delicious & Nutritious Vegan Meal, Eco-Tour, Mantra Workshop, Kirtan - all in tranquil surroundings of an Eco-Farm. Discover well-being from the inside out and wind up feeling blissfully rested, inspired and energised. All in ONE DAY - this Sunday.
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Apr 24

Our favourite book - Radhanath Swami's "The Journey Within: A Contemporary Guide to Yoga's Ancient Wisdomw" has won Golden Award in the category "Mind, Body Spirit" at the at prestigious Benjamin Frankin Awards 2017


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